Monday, November 8, 2010

Another content update!

Hey everyone,

As a new blogger, I'm just getting the ropes of how to make good posts that people want to read. I think the best way I can build a relationship with my audience is to make a promise to you guys and then keep it! So, I'm gonna start with something that I know I can manage at first, and work my way up.

First, I promise I'll do at least one retro game review a week. I know that's not much, so I'll probably up it in the near future, assuming school doesn't get to be too much.

Second, I'd like to have a day where I just post whatever I feel like it. Movies, awesome moments that happen while playing games with my friends, an animé that I watch or just how my schooling is going. So look forward to that in the near future!

Thirdly, if any of you guys use Steam I'd be stoked to play a game of Left 4 Dead 2 or play on Borderlands with you guys! Just leave a comment with your steam name or email me (! I've also got StarCraft 2, but it doesn't work across the school network. ;(

Thanks for reading! I <3 you all~


  1. really looking forward to your retro games. Love your blog! :D

  2. Umm I dont have borderlands anymore, or L4D, but my steam ID is Skullkid i think

  3. >I'll do at least one retro game review a week

    Hell yeah. Needs more retro.

  4. Mhhh I'm going to buy L4D2 the next days ...may we can play then ;P

  5. these seem like reasonable promises! another way to get a lot of viewers is to include images or videos, also, make sure to comment on other peoples blogs so that they know youre still active! good luck!

  6. wish I had steam... but otherwise, looks like a good schedule. just take it easy.